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. [ laughter ] >> stephen: as someone who has been an observer of obama's presidency -- >> right. >> stephen: can we talk about michelle obama's bangs for a second. >> yes. >> stephen: okay. what could you think? a rare misstep? >> ah -- >> stephen: don't get me wrong she looks unbelievably beautiful it's a youthful look. it's like she's auditioning to replace zeo -- >> the first rule of a black president in america: don't talk about a black woman's hair. if she thinks it's great. it's great. >> stephen: thank you is so much for joining me. from the "the atlantic." we'll be right back.
, philadelphia sets the standard. >>> president obama is going right after the right wing media. in a new interview, he talks about what stands in the way of getting things done in congress. "one of the biggest factors is going to be how the media shapes debates. if a republican member of congress is not punished on fox news or rush limbaugh for working with a democrat on a bill of common interest, then you'll see more of them doing it. of course, rush just had to respond. >> the mainstream media has ceased doing what they are constitutionally charged with doing. one of the reasons that fox news and i stand out like sore thumbs here is the rest of the media is gone. the rest of the media is in a tank. the rest of the media was long ago ceased doing their job. >>> talk like this from the president has a chilling effect on free speech. >> this whole purpose is eliminating the opposition. only dictators like hugo chavez do thingings like that. >> i cannot believe that the majority of americans would believe that it's okay not to follow the constitution. we would create law based on the god o
the interview s? >> that's right. no news was broken but president obama did himself a great favor nominating hillary clinton as secretary of state, insulating himself from any sort of primary challenge. also did her a great favor by insulating her from the politics of the last four years. joe biden, i think, is going to be in the center of a lot of the big political fights over the next year and going to see his approval ratings probably take a beating. of course, playing kyoto say this isn't about 2016. what a fantastic launch for hillary clinton. should she decide to run. i think one of the things we have seen over the last elections is that the person who has some strong connection with a base who's a candidate almost drafted by the base does better. mitt romney didn't have that. john mccain didn't have that. i hazard to say i don't think biden has that either. any of the democrats i talked to always say clinton, clinton, clinton. it's time for a woman. i think this will be hillary clinton's big decision to make and my goodness, joe biden certainly can't be happy about that but i think th
your relationship right now? >> obama: i consider hillary a strong friend. >> clinton: i mean, very warm, close. i think there's a sense of understanding that, you know, sometimes doesn't even take words, because we have similar views. we have similar experiences that, i think provide a bond that may seem unlikely to some, but has been really at the core of our relationship over the last four years. i mean, i've read a lot about other presidents, and i've, you know, been in the white house as a first lady. and i was a senator in the time of 9/11 and spent time in the white house under the bush administration. and i know how critical it is to really forge that sense of discipline that the president is referring to. are there going to be differences? yeah. deep differences? of course. you had a lot of strong-willed, -minded people. but the president deserves our best judgment, our advice, and then he deserves us to stand with him and to execute. now, i've watched other administrations where there was pitched warfare between this cabinet secretary and another or this member of the whit
here in illinois giving them the right to drive without being scared.' meanwhile immigration reform takes center stage in washington this week as president obama plans to deliver a major speech on tuesday. on morning talk shows today both the democratic and republican lawmakers agreed there will be a need for bipartisan support before any measures passed >> i am cautiously optimistic. >> i see the right spirit. >> president obama has called immigration reform the top legislative priority of his second term >> chicago police say a flat tire led to a deadly hit and run overnight. next, the latest on the investigation. also ahead, an awful tragedy has brazil in mourning. more than 200 revelers have been killed in an incident at a nightclub. and protesters confront police at a south side hospital hoping to deliver a message to the city. break a febreze experiment. to prove febreze can keep this car fresh, we loaded it with fast food, sweaty hockey gear and a smelly dog cage. and parked it at a mall. in texas. for two days. then put a febreze car vent clip on the da
need to work out the details. here on capitol hill is the tricky part. >> that is right. tracie potts in washington. tracie, thank you. president obama and ril ri clinton were interviewed. >> we had such agreement on what needed to be done for our country. >> made for tough debates, by the way. >> it did. >> we could never figure out what we differed on. hillary mentioned part of our bond is we've been through a lot of the same stuff and part of being through the same stuff is getting whacked around in political campaigns. being criticized in the press. we've both built some pretty thick skin. by the time hillary joined the administration i felt very confident and comfortable in our working relationship. i think what did evolve was a friendship as opposed to just professional relationship. >>> egyptians in three suez canal provinces are under a state of emergency this morning and will be subject to a curfew tonight. egypt's president muhammad delivered the angry edict. he hopes to prevent them from spinning out of control. nbc's ayman mohyeldin is with us. >> reporter: a state of emer
, and they're going to work those out internally over the next two years, and i think obama is right, that until they get to a place where a republican can have a constructive relationship with obama and not pay a political price for it, then no republicans are going to have constructive relationships with them because, you know, politicians are just -- are very self-serving and self-interested folks. that's how they got to where they are, and there has to be somebody who has to break the curse. there has to be a politician, a republican, who steps forward, works with obama on something, maybe it will be guns, maybe it will be immigration, we'll find out who works with him, who infuriates the base, infuriates rush limbaugh and glenn beck if he's still around out there, and survives and actually advances. as soon as that happens, then it shows an alternative path to power for republicans, and that will enable obama to then start having relationships again. >> he is still out there. i heard him this morning. professor peterson, let me play for you an exchange when david gregory and sen
. in terms of its ability to resurge, if you like. is obama the right man? do you like what you see for maybe the second term obama already? >> i love the man. i voted for him originally. i actually went to a meeting with 18 of the top tech executives, the guys who started google. and in the meeting, everybody was a big supporter. i said, mr. president, i love your heart. i absolutely believe in your intelligence. i know you care. i voted for you the first time but i said i would love to know how it's going to be different -- this is prior to the election -- when there's such demonization going on. i think that's the significant problem in our country. it's not one person. we used to be able to have a dialogue. today it's you're right, you're wrong. that process happens in the gun debate, it's happening everywhere in this country. i had a conversation with him and said, listen, if you think the solution that you're telling me you're going to do in your next term is you're going to raise taxes on the wealthy, i'm more than willing to pay that. i'm supportive of that. but that will raise $80 bi
.estination >> 5:06 is the time right now. artie two degrees. still ahead, president obama is renewing efforts to tackle immigration reform. [ female announcer ] there's a great way to make just about anything delicious. simply add jif chocolate flavored hazelnut spread. whatever you put it on... reaches a whole new level of deliciousness. choosy moms choose jif. and the perfect life turnsn out to be not so perfect. so you start fresh. new city. new job. new bank. the's a lot to figure out. so, i switched to suntrust. they moved everything for me. direct deposit, even my online bill pay... and suddenly, everything else just fell into place. switching to suntrust has never been easier. now, our dedicated team will do all the work for you. suntrust. how can we help you shine today? >> welcome back. 5:09. already coming down. check in with adam caskey and find out how bad it will be. >> we are not looking at much of overall sleet and freezing rain. just enough for the roadways. we have the winter weather effect until 10:00 a.m. in the metro area. here is the doppler seven. this morning. areas of
the time is right. host: that was senator john mccain. president obama and will be in las vegas on tuesday to lay out his vision on immigration. at c-span.org for all of our coverage of that event and when we finalize coverage details. the enormous object of the role of the united states on a world stage, we will go to kirby from quincy, illinois, on the democratic line. caller: thank you. i have been listening to some of these people calling in and criticizing mrs. clinton, criticizing the this and that. everyone needs to stop and think about it does. look back to the 1960's when kennedy was president and when he started trying to pull people out of vietnam. what was the first thing congress set? they said we have to keep our military involved in some type of conflict, that it's best for the economy. after spending 26 years in the military, i know for a fact, congress is not helping out. orders to military o take bin laden out. but then congress said we have to bring him back here to try him for war crimes. talk about a waste of money. we have troops all over the globe. however than helpi
of international safeguards. president obama refuses to knowledge iran's right to enrich. this would require acknowledging the islamic republic as a legitimate political order representing legitimate national interests and is a rising regional power unwilling to support its power to washington as for example washington regularly expected of egypt under sadat and mubarak. the society hillary a nice day obama has done more damage even than george w. bush because he's discredited the idea by saying he tried but failed when in fact he has not serious are tried. [inaudible] >> yes, that's fine. no american president has been prepared to do this, to accept the islamic republic. and this is a key argument. this is the only diplomacy can succeed. there is an important precedent for this in modern american history. it's appropriate to call the cinema and month in which richard nixon come with birthday falls. nixon and kissinger's of maine to china. their great achievement was not that the type to beijing. the united states had been talking for years and ambassadorial level talks that had gone nowhere
later about that. right now i'm focused on this. >> chairman, thank you very much as always. appreciate it. >> thank you. >>> coming up here, what did we learn from president obama's inaugural address? plus, the secretary of state hillary clinton exits the stage, and presidevice president biden profile expands. joining me former senator and now incoming president of the heritage foundation, former senator jim demint income. president of the naacp jim jealous. nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell. plus, nbc news special correspondent ted koppel. [ female announcer ] going to sleep may be easy, but when you wake up in the middle of the night it can be frustrating. it's hard to turn off and go back to sleep. intermezzo is the first and only prescription sleep aid approved for use as needed in the middle of the night when you can't get back to sleep. it's an effective sleep medicine you don't take before bedtime. take it in bed only when you need it and have at least four hours left for sleep. do not take intermezzo if you have had an allergic reaction to drugs containi
down. and president obama is exactly right. focusing on the people at the lower end here. you fix and help the people at the lower end by getting the economy going again. you're exactly right. and the psychologically for the democrats and republicans, it's so important that there be some consensus. you get paul ryan here with his charts, and it looks like the world is going to end at some point. and you need to get everyone onboard to the idea, no, the world is not going towas on capl this weekend. you get a sense that a lot of the gun legislation is not going to be successful. immigration reform is moving at pace. they are having very constructive conversations, republicans and democrats together. the entitlement piece is going to be hard, whether the president wants to go very far on medicare. he has liberals saying don't do it, don't raise the retirement age. so how do these pieces come together here in the next three, four, five months? >> that is exactly the question. when he even suggested raising that retirement age from 65 to 67, decades from now actually, and not affectin
you got the right message of the drawing. that's so interesting to me about all this is that obama -- >> drawing skills? >> yes. >> that's what it is. >> you're incorrigible. >> the popular second term president and we'll see where obama's popularity is a couple of years from now but the popularity in the party never dropped below 80% and the popular second term president anoints the successor and a role of the vice presidential pick. your vice president is the successor. we are in a weird situation where the natural heir is hillary clinton. we saw last night, i don't think it's dramatic or a great statement on clinton's part this is it i'm passing the torch but a validation of what we know is the basic dynamic of two years. she is the natural heir to most people in this party. if she decides she wants to run in this case rock joe biden will run and other people will run. i think of al gore in 2000. the clinton white house basically cleared out the democratic party. al gore won 33 of 33 contested events that year. if hillary wants to run in 2016 i think tha
to make sense of right now is where obama is sort of strategically on this. two summers ago during the debt ceiling talks, there was signals of the white house to raise the eligible age of medicare like two months ago signals ago cpi change is good and then paul ryan saying i don't think there's anything and going to accept the sequester, you know, which touches defense and not the social safety net at all and that's it. have we entered a new face and medicare and medicaid off the table? what do you think? >> i wouldn't be so sure. you're right the president is all over the map on this and yesterday there's an interview with him in "the new republic" and might have been code words and wanted the talk about judicious reforms to medicare and mart changes to social security and how he's willing to buck what he called i think the ideological wing of the party. this kind of a thing and so as you mentioned he's many times before have been willing to even interested in floating changes to medicare and medicaid and now to think he's not going to is a stretch at this point. >> have republic
up right. >> pelley: president obama is keeping up the pressure on congress to pass new gun control legislation. he met at the white house today with police officials from around the country, including aurora, colorado, oak creek, wisconsin, and newtown, connecticut-- the scenes of recent mass shootings. the president called on congress to pass an assault weapons ban. in chicago, gun violence is taking more lives-- 50 since newtown. and dean reynolds tells us it has been another deadly weekend. >> reporter: among the seven people murdered in chicago this past weekend was 33-year-old ronnie chambers, shot dead in a parked van. he was the last surviving child of shirley chambers who now has lost all four of her children to gun violence. we spoke to her today at a local funeral home. do you think that there's something sick in chicago? >> it's not chicago, it's these people with these guns, this -- they shouldn't have the guns, you know? >> reporter: her son was a former gang member who stole cars, sold drugs about spent time in prison. >> he had changed his life. he was trying to help
. >> this fits in right with obama's model of having bigger and bigger government centric programs and it works for ram because he has huge problems in chicago and get rid of costs and if he can dump them on the federal government, he will. stuart: ted, as always, thanks for bringing us up-to-date on what's going on in your formerly great state. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: senator dianne feinstein outlined her gun control proposals. and among them banning products hike the assault welcomes. and a woman who makes a case for owning the gun. she makes her case at the top of the next hour. time is money, here we go. monday morning, here is what else we've got on the cord for you today. here is the question, did regulators bend the rules to accommodate the 787 boeing dreamliner, the question for the future of the most important new plane in a generation. we'll cover it. facebook's cheryl sandburg going off gender stereotypes, saying most women work two jobs while men work one. she says the higher a woman rises, the more the negative image. does she have a point. and want your money back? one footb
and neb raska. right? remember, obama got one e look toral vote in nebraska in 2008. so they point to that as precedent but very quirky, you know historical reasons. >> that's been true in those two states for a long time. i think switch to aing to a sometime where the guy who got many less votes is going to be a tough sale. the attorney general who we know, very conservative guy, brought that healthcare lawsuit against obama, even he said over the weekend he thought this was a bad idea. i am not sure this is going anywhere. >> let me ask you: isn't the e look lectora college spelled out? the only tunnelling the constitution says is there is an e electoral college and it doesn't say how states have stodecide those. >> states can decide how they choose their -- how they divide up their electoral votes? >> yes. >> that's the instructions on how to vote office right? >> right. >> electtors technically don't have straight for barack obama or anybody else. >> isn't this one of a piece with all of the efforts we saw in the last two years to reece press or su
to but this administration did that in five years. he was right. but no obama's administration ran up another $6 trillion. how was that possible? barack obama at believed this. >> barack obama has a debt problem into increase the debt limit. >> but president demands congress raise the debt limit without condition. i want the old obama back. then to one scares ♪ gerri: hello, everybody. i'm gerri willis, and tonight, on "the willis report," the mutual fund industry wants to punish you for taking out your own money, trillions of dollars at stake. will you pay more this weekend for using a credit card rather than cash? find out. and, illegal immigrants are not supposed to get medicare, but a new report says, yes, they can. "the willis report" is on the case. ♪ all that and more coming up later in the show, but, first, our top story, a new warning for investors tonight. if federal regulators get their way, you can soon end up paying a big fat fee for withdrawing your own money from your money market mutual funds. currently, there is no fee. the feds say it's all in effort to reform the $2.7 trillion mone
the right spirit. i see things that were once off the table for agreement and discussion being on the table with a serious pathway forward. >> in this hour at the white house president obama and vice president joe biden will hold another meeting as they push for gun control. this time their meeting is with police from across the country, including the police chiefs of aurora, colorado, oak creek, wisconsin, and newtown, connecticut. all three towns the sites of deadly mass shootings over the last six months. >>> also today, we are covering the interview that has everybody talking. president obama's joint sit-down with outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton. was it his official nod for her potential 2016 run? >> there's no political tea leaves to be read here? >> we don't have any tea. we've got some water here, the best i can tell. but, you know, this has been just the most extraordinary honor. >> is this payback for, let's say, bill clinton? doing such a great job for the obama campaign? >> it would have covered up the awkward fact that they're setting her up for, you know, a presiden
to do what i want to do. right now, i have no intention of running. chris: but there are many ways to say maybe or even it's possible. but not hillary. at least not now. and when we come back, the aggressive barack obama and the worried republicans. plus scoops and predictions chris: welcome back. no less than "the new york times" has called president obama's inaugural address aggressive. we can all agree the president spoke clearly. >> preserving our individual freedom ultimately requires collective action. for we, the people, understand that our country cannot succeed when a shrinking few do very well in a growing many barely make it. chris: this speech has taken a week to gel. and the geling has suggesting that the republicans have a choice. either they go along with the president on some things, try to improve on immigration, on guns, hit their mark on these bills, or they stand back and play protest politics. what are they going to do? >> i found an interesting poll, "the wall street journal" and he made it seem maybe we should try to make legislation better. try to have some
legal aspects of gay-rights. and so, the first term obama was not nearly as passionate as that speech would suggest. but what was missing once again was a discussion of civil liberties. i think it does reflect this great schism in the democratic and liberal community. i wrote a column two years ago about how barack obama has destroyed the civil liberties movement by dividing it. he does not have a good record on civil liberties. he adopted an expanded on many of george bush's executive powers. i think that democrats and liberals tried desperately to ignore that aspect of his record. but the fact is that barack obama is the president richard nixon wanted to be. host: imperial? guest: yes. george bush tried and could not. richard nixon tried and could not. barack obama did it. he has unprecedented unchecked power. many democrats cannot get themselves to oppose president obama on presidential power. the result is very dangerous. we have the president who is the most powerful president in history. he has rights and powers and privileges that we have long denied to prior presidents. those
on the right said obama meant everything he said. i imagine it is somewhere in the middle. >> it is. the phony outrage and just sort of being -- taking umbrage to everything -- turn on fox news this morning. what's the phony outrage? the clinton/obama interview last night. you know. and as we were talking inauguration day you know, it was only a matter -- since obama was the centerpiece of attention on monday, everyone woke up knowing it was only a matter of time before the right wing media and fox would find something to freak out about and it took about six minutes into his address before they all figured out what it was. oh he's too liberal. this is too partisan. it was inevitable. the only question is what's the fake imaginary slate going to be today and what's it going to be tomorrow and the day after that? again, i think erickson, he doesn't work for fox. he doesn't really do that at cnn so he can afford to sort of call it out. but i think the point is it doesn't get anyone elected and i think the point is fox is interested in clicking phony outrage so the same three million people will
daniel garza from libre initiative who believes in the free-market. the real barack obama? >> of washington was serious we would reduce debt by returning to responsible -- responsible fiscal policy. john: i will judge if a politician will do the right thing. john. >> we must make a choice to reduce health care and the size of the deficit. john: yes. we must make hard choices. but the president has not proposed hard choices. and his inaugural address he said that once and then rejected as it sync u.s. choose between the elderly next-generation. the government must be santa claus. i am grateful to grover norquist. he got many politicians to pledge not to raise taxes. good. it is thought those tax limits would start the beast but that is not working even those that keep spending. it is a far more accurate gauge every dollar government spends if it is borrowed it has hired taxes later. if it brings more dollar the purchasing power puts a tax on the future. what we really need politicians pledging not to raise spending. we have that thanks to jonathan bydlak with the coalition
in washington right now is that toxic. with the obama democrats are saying is do not worry about it. we can borrow the money cheaply. >> do we need more of that? we have $16 trillion of debt already. >> it's like the economy doesn't exist. it is incredible. so we continue to spend and we are going to pay a heavy price for this. can i just say something about the folks that are coming out against immigration reform? is a great article by mario lopez. the center for immigration studies, they are all founded and funded by population control groups. very radical, very far left. i would just urge my republican colleagues to not fall into the trap. this is not an american agenda that they had. gerri: i have one other question. jack lew. why should he be treasury secretary? his calling card was he was a failure of mustard and not a success what do you say? >> the republican charge was and that he was a failure but that what you can open the door to get more donations back out. they just wanted him. >> the one that's what they want to go work for a big wall street investment bank. >> it isn't his b
as right now the entire debate within the obama administration over approving the access rights to the keystone pipeline is going to have quite a substantial effect on what the overall economic growth of the united states is over the next ten years. policies that seek to, um, make it more possible for those innovations to spring to life without being choked or strangled -- they wouldn't really be, but held back unnecessarily have an enormous potential for economic growth. and the point that joe's making is very important. the united states last year while this entire debt crisis was going on and our, and our level was downgraded put out a bond issue, right? so that ten-year treasury bill, and, basically, it sold out everybody who bought it bought it basically at a loss. that is the interest rate is at 1.6, 1.7% which means over ten years they were actually paying the united states because of inflationary growth. they were paying the united states to park their money in a t-bill. that's the nature of the world. we sit here looking at our own navals and everything, and the truth i
today. find out what president obama says is the most important group we should be listening to right now. >>> the department of defense said it's getting rid of tens of thousands of workers. and the people left could be facing furloughs. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios >>> hows of defense department workers are about to be out of a job. the pentagon says it's lays off many of the 46,000 temporary and contract workers. the rest of the workforce would face furloughs of one day a week without pays that would last the rest of the 2013 year. it's all in an effort to manage the billions, said to kick in march 1st. >>> president obama and vice president joe biden met with police from across the country today, to talk about ways to stem gun violence. >> we recognize that this is an issue that elicits a lot of passion. no group is pour -- that's where the rubber hits the road. >> the president
was president right now, but we're not clear which one. today congressman paul ryan once again attacked president obama's leadership abilities. >> if we had a clinton presidency, i think we would have fixed this fiscal mess by now. that's not the kind of presidency we're dealing with right now. >> reporter: looking on, our latest poll provides even more good news for clinton. her favorability rating is 67% compared to vice president biden, the other potential candidate at just 48%. he says it's way too early for this kind of talk. >> i haven't made that judgement. and hillary hasn't made that judgement. >> reporter: he says he'll be busy in the coming years working on issues, two of those will get a lot of attention, guns and immigration. hillary clinton's last day at the state department is friday. >> david, thanks to you. meantime, the incoming secretary of state will join the president as the white house keeps a close watch on north korea. this weekend, that country appearing to up the stakes again, promising to retaliate against any country that imposes sanctions ordered by the u.n.
's right, sean. interesting illustration was with president obama's inauguration they actually shut down one of the runways at dulles airport it make it for private jets. >> sean: that's so nice. >> this is a massive problem. we are not opposed to wealth creation. when it's wealth creation by extracting it from taxpayers and manipulating in a crony capitalist system. >> sean: if i'm one of the americans i spoke about earlier my house is underwater or one of the six americans on food stamps or this is why we want to turn the camera on something that has never been exposed. people in washington never want to talk about the house styles. they don't want to talk about the construction and private jets. the private jet guys that built at dulles. they thought it was going to take them several years to sell those slots. they sold out in 72 hours. that is the level of corporations and high rollers. >> sean: they already have a lot of money. if you own a private jet. they are not cheap. >> exactly. got to get in there what about the dinners, the meals, the lunches, that's still going on, right? >
limited time. >> immediately when the bill passes people in the shadows would get a legal right to stay here and work. they would no longer be supported provided they don't have a criminal record. >> president obama was chastised for not pushing immigration reform in the first term. there is growing support now but it won't be easy. the lawmakers love to say the devil's in the details. a debate and discussion is now beginning. >> bret: much more with the panel. bump in the road on wall street. dow was down 14 after six straight winning sessions. the s&p 500 was off three. nasdaq gained five. durable goods orders were up 4.6% in december. >> led by surge in military aircraft sales. what does this mean for you? wendell goler. >> the dow jones/industrials closing in on the prerecession high of 14,164 set in october of 2007, the standard & poor's index passed its high point. the stock market recovered from the worst recession since the great depression. unemployment still 7.8%, few would say the same for middle america. critics argue the president recovery effort with $1 trillion in stimulu
frank ocean, apparently after the incident there. >>> 47 minutes after the hour right now. total bffs. president obama and hillary clinton sit down together and make 2408 look like ancient history. does this have anything to do with 2016? we'll talk to former assistant secretary of state jamie rubin, next. no go call. this is for real this time. we are on step seven point two one two. we have entered our two minute hold. cabin venting has been inhibited. copy that. sys two, verify and lock. command is locked. flight computer state has entered auto idyll. three, two, one. the falcon 9 has launched. preparing for nose cone separation. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking u
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